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Newport International Group Tokyo Fashion Trends on Tokyo Fashion and Lifestyle: Ikebukuro Fashion and Amazing District to Reside

Modern Tokyo Time

Tokyo fashion is internationally famous but while Aoyama, Ginza, Harajuku, Omotesando, Shibuya and Shinjuku often hog the limelight, it is equally true that other buzzing fashion districts are far from being in the shadows. This especially applies to Ikebukuro and Yurakucho but in terms of diversity then Ikebukuro is extremely vibrant because of the many angles to this fashion district. Of course, you have many buzzing smaller fashion districts like Daikanyama, Ebisu, Jiyugaoka, Jingumae, Kichijoji, Koenji, Nakameguro and Shimokitazawa that appeal enormously to Tokyoites and tourists alike. Also, in Ueno you have a vibrant and unique angle to fashion amid all the cultural angles to this individual district. Therefore, it is impossible to state the trendiest fashion district in Tokyo because you have so many to choose from. On top of this, the respective angles and the natural environment will appeal greatly to different individuals.

However, if you adore a vibrant district that is alive and kicking for most of the day and which appeals to various age groups and fashion styles, then Ikebukuro is certainly a rare treat. In 2014 the buzzing district of Ikebukuro continues to grow and attract amazing Japanese and international fashion brands. At the same time, you have a nice street culture on the eastside of this district that mixes various fashion angles. This reality means that while Harajuku, Jingumae and Omotesando start to become sleepy, the district of Ikebukuro remains alive until the early hours in respect to entertainment and seedier realities.

Lifestyle angles in Ikebukuro are equally intriguing because on the west side you soon enter quiet suburbs where families, individuals, students, the elderly, business people and so forth reside. Indeed, the amazing beauty of Tokyo is often how sleepy suburbs soon materialize within minutes of leaving busy areas. For example, in Harajuku and Omotesando you have an abundance of housing for individuals to enjoy the quaintness of the backstreets. Therefore, while Harajuku and Omotesando are rightly famous for fashion and cultural factors, it is equally true to state that both districts provide amazing places for people to enjoy quality lifestyles in the heart of Tokyo.

Ikebukuro, unlike Harajuku and Omotesando, offers a more reasonable price mechanism for people to choose from to a much greater extent than other buzzing mega districts. Ueno also caters strongly in this area but the cultural attachments to this part of Tokyo override the strong fashion sense that can also be found in this amazing district.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “In Ikebukuro the department stores are simply amazing and the same applies to the entire layout within and surrounding one of the busiest train stations in the world. Indeed, in the winter season you don’t even have to venture outside because of the intricate network of underground passages that enable individuals to enjoy a fascinating fashion district. Of course, not all areas are covered by this system but it is true to say that you don’t need to venture outside if you desire to visit Lumine, Esola, Tobu Department Store, Seibu Department Store and Marui. Also, Parco is within seconds of leaving the east exit of the train station. Equally important, on the west side within the station you have adorable indoor boutiques and lovely places to eat. Not only can this, with Ikebukuro being Ikebukuro, then you even enjoy the cultural angle of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space in the heart of Ikebukuro via the amazing passage linkup system.”

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Ikebukuro is blessed with several universities and you also have several other institutions that are nearby. This reality means that this vibrant part of Tokyo is blessed with an enormous pulling power. The same applies to Ikebukuro being the “gateway” which links Saitama with this powerful commercial area in Tokyo. Therefore, many individuals who reside in Saitama will pick Ikebukuro being their first major shopping destination in Tokyo. Similarly, many Tokyoites will also pick Ikebukuro because of the fashion angle and the vibrancy of the nightlife.”

“West Ikebukuro provides a different angle because it is more cosmopolitan and the abundance of fashion is amazing. This applies to utilizing the adorable Tobu Department Store which caters for amazing fashion brands, crafts, delicious food, and so much more. Also, for expats you have a fine selection of international cheese, wine, beer, and other products to make you feel like home from home.”

Tobu Department Store and Lumine Department Store are also linked directly together in several areas and this is really attractive. After all, while Lumine is famous for attracting younger ladies, especially, the opposite can be stated about Tobu Department Store because you have a more mature angle to fashion and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that Tobu doesn’t attract younger clients because over the last few years this department store is continuing to reach out to new clients therefore more hip fashion brands can also be found in this amazing store. At the same time, you have many exquisite luxury brands based within Tobu Department Store and lifestyle wise this buzzing store provides many lovely angles. Therefore, with Lumine being among the crème de la crème for young ladies fashion (also caters for men) in Tokyo the closeness of Tobu Department Store provides a lovely unique dimension.

Within less than a minute from both these stores you have the adorable Esola Department Store and Marui is also within minutes of all three places. At the same time, the cultural vibe created by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space in Ikebukuro is a lovely meeting point for all these stores because you have several nice places to relax within this cultural area. Turning back to Esola then the boutiques in this store is extremely stylish and you have ample places to enjoy delicious food – the same equally applies to higher floors that link Tobu and Lumine. Alternatively, the Marui Department Store is blessed with amazing fashion boutiques and other stores related to lifestyle angles. All these amazing stores are based in the west side of Ikebukuro.

The Japan Traditional Craft Center and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space share the same environment and both provide a lovely cultural angle to Ikebukuro. Alternatively, on the east side you have Seibu Department Store and Parco Department Store within the environment of the train station. Seibu Department Store is equally blessed with adorable international fashion brands and a host of areas related to fashion. Indeed, this store is famous to Tokyoites and extremely popular. Also, throughout the year Seibu Department Store creates many new angles to attract new clients and to please individuals who often shop at this amazing department store. Parco, just like Lumine, especially attracts younger ladies despite being open to males and other individuals that adore the vibes of fashion.

Sunshine City also attracts international tourists and Tokyoites alike on the east side of Ikebukuro. This is based on the fabulous aquarium, shopping angle, richness of entertainment, museums and a delightful observation desk. The hotel facilities also attract many tourists to this vibrant area.

Also, within the environment of Sunshine City you have a flourishing street fashion area that fuses the best of Japanese and American street fashion. Not only this, you have well known anime stores and other areas related to otaku and cosplay. Entertainment wise, this part of Ikebukuro is extremely vibrant and lasts well into the night.

Lifestyle wise, Ikebukuro caters for many unique vibes that will appeal to respective individuals. Therefore, while Ikebukuro is extremely busy it is equally true to say that the suburbs are quiet and provide a prime location to reside. Equally important, Ikebukuro truly caters for people looking for a broad range of prices to reside in the heart of Tokyo. On top of this, the student angle is vibrant in this part of Tokyo and the Saitama angle means that the catchment area of Ikebukuro is enormous. Therefore, Ikebukuro is a very vibrant fashion district whereby the environment appeals to tourists, expatriates and Tokyoites alike.

Newport International Group Runway, Fashion Week Tokyo: Open Season

Fashion Week Tokyo showcases the city's multi-faceted style landscape



If you noticed a few more model-types, street-style photographers and fashionistas lingering around Shibuya last week, then you weren’t imagining things: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, which was held March 17-22, once again brought the hautest of the haute out of the woodwork. The biannual event showcased 45 brands covering a variety of fashion from Japan and beyond, mostly centered on the Hikarie shopping venue.


The organizers of the event haven’t said they vet brands based on style or target, so perhaps it was by pure serendipity that there was a great mix of both mainstream and subculture designs representing Tokyo’s multi-faceted fashion landscape. The collections showcased items that featured everything from European glamour to kimono, each complemented by kawaii (cute) or punk street styles. A record number of international brands made appearances on the runway, making for an incredibly well-rounded week, despite the event losing some of the country’s biggest brands — Christian Dada, G.V.G.V. and Anrealage — to later showings or European fashion weeks.


One of the highlights was a special show by New York City-based designer Diane Von Furstenberg, who assembled celebrities and supermodels for a large-scale production. Supermodel Ai Tominaga made a rare appearance on the catwalk, with up-and-coming superstar Mona Matsuoka fresh off the Chanel runway in Paris joining her. Celebrities have never played a huge part in Fashion Week Tokyo, but model/actress Kiko Mizuhara twirled down a runway at the Sretsis show this season, while actress Risa Naka offered her support from the front row.


Overall, more than 140,000 people attended events during the week, including related side activities that targeted industry insiders or regular consumers alike. Tokyo’s fashion scene is unique in that consumers are mostly middle class without a huge disparity. This offers an incredible opportunity to drive massive interest from the local population that most cities can only dream of. Although it hasn’t really been advertised as such, the Tokyo fashion shows are some of the most open to casual fans than in any other city worldwide. All one must do is show up early enough to get a spot in the “standing” line, or apply to a number of various raffles provided by most major fashion publications.


“I went to my very first fashion show last week, and only because I heard about it at the last minute,” said a young woman at an informal discussion panel that was held after Fashion Week Tokyo drew to a close. “I wish they would advertise it a little better, and make it even easier for more people to get in.”


Insiders will argue that Paris and New York are completely closed to regular folk, but the same people wouldn’t wish to discourage a wider audience. “There definitely should be more local awareness, at least in the hubs like Shibuya and Harajuku,” said Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe, creative director of fashion conglomerate Beams.


By now, Fashion Week Tokyo has ironed out most kinks and the designers themselves seem to be doing their part. Next is to bring the rest of Tokyo into the fold, and perhaps upping the budget to invite more international press from prestigious publications to keep it in the international eye.



Nasdaq Warned Us About Its Leaky Plumbing, Newport International Group




At Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., which operates the Nasdaq Stock Market, there are these things the company calls "systems issues" that crop up from time to time. The rest of the world calls them disasters. And today was a heck of an example, with the Nasdaq halting trading in stocks and options for much of the afternoon.


It's enough to make an investor want to short Nasdaq -- except that wasn't possible during the trading halt, because Nasdaq's stock trades on the Nasdaq. Another computer malfunction, we're told. Or maybe a squirrel chewed through the wrong wire somewhere. Nobody knows what happened yet, and the fat-finger excuse doesn’t work anymore.


We will probably get some massive, impenetrable white paper of a report from the regulators a year or so from now, like the Securities and Exchange Commission did after the so-called flash crash of May 2010. And it will have lists of recommendations that will be outdated by the time it comes out. By which point there are bound to be more debacles. It's miraculous that trading halts like the one today don't undermine investors' confidence more.


Don't say Nasdaq didn't warn anyone, though. Here's a cluster of some of the risk factors from Nasdaq's most recent annual report. Note the first one, where the company said its systems issues were remedied after last year's fiasco when Facebook Inc. had its initial public offering.




"We may experience losses and liabilities as a result of systems issues that arose during the Facebook, Inc. IPO."


"In connection with the IPO by Facebook on May 18, 2012, systems issues were experienced at the opening of trading of Facebook shares. Certain of our members may have been disadvantaged by such systems issues, which have subsequently been remedied."



"System limitations or failures could harm our business."


"Our businesses depend on the integrity and performance of the computer and communications systems supporting them. If our systems cannot expand to cope with increased demand or otherwise fail to perform, we could experience unanticipated disruptions in service, slower response times and delays in the introduction of new products and services. These consequences could result in trade outages, lower trading volumes, financial losses, decreased customer service and satisfaction and regulatory sanctions. Our markets have experienced occasional systems failures and delays in the past and could experience future systems failures and delays."


"While we have programs in place to identify and minimize our exposure to vulnerabilities and work in collaboration with the technology industry to share corrective measures with our business partners, we cannot guarantee that such events will not occur in the future. Any system issue that causes an interruption in services, decreases the responsiveness of our services or otherwise affects our services could impair our reputation, damage our brand name and negatively impact our business, financial condition and operating results."



"The success of our business depends on our ability to keep up with rapid technological and other competitive changes affecting our industry. Specifically, we must complete development of, successfully implement and maintain electronic trading platforms that have the functionality, performance, capacity, reliability and speed required by our business, as well as by our customers."


"The markets in which we compete are characterized by rapidly changing technology, evolving industry standards, frequent enhancements to existing products and services, the adoption of new services and products and changing customer demands. We may not be able to keep up with rapid technological and other competitive changes affecting our industry. For example, we must continue to enhance our electronic trading platforms to remain competitive, and our business will be negatively affected if our electronic trading platforms fail to function as expected. If we are unable to develop our electronic trading platforms to include other products and markets, or if our electronic trading platforms do not have the required functionality, performance, capacity, reliability and speed required by our business, as well as by our customers, we may not be able to compete successfully."




There's a reason those are called risk factors. They can happen, and today they did. They will happen again.


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Grapevine: Schijnt sterren in Israël de Langzaam verdwijnende fashion industry




Castro, door gestart Aaron Castro met de hulp van zijn moeder Naaister, Anina, is een van de een grote overlevenden in dalende market.

He zijn enkele Buitengewoon talented modeontwerpers in Israël, maar de fashion industry as zodanig is stervende. Once upon a time, had de meeste Israëlische fashion huizen hun own productie-installaties, as ze wild naar het verminderen van de productiekosten, gaf ze factory voor vrouwen Dorpen in de Arab, Druze s Palestijnse. Toen ontdekte industry boards eigenaren land met goedkope arbeid-Jordanië, Egypte, Turkije, Oost-Europa s in sea recente jaren, India en China. Vandaag, wordt het grootste deel van de wereldwijde fashion, ongeacht waar het kan ontworpen been geproduceerd in China.


Zelfs dan het is niet om te gemakkelijk concurreren, en vele Israëlische kledingbedrijven waarvan Remember niet eens household words were long bestaan.


Sommige hebben overleefd Maar tegen all verwachtingen in - overleefd avenues niet, maar uitgebreid.


Een van de grootste overlevenden van allemaal ze, zo niet de grootste, is Castro who had het begin in 1950 in Tel Aviv op een angle Allenby Street.


De onderneming which is uitgegroeid dead Israël's meest bekende mode packets,'ll gelanceerd door Aaron Castro, introduced into the zijn moeder, Anina, een proffesional Naaister s getalenteerde ontwerper particuliere to friend uit voor hair naaide own apartment.


Anina'll creatieve de kant van de operatie, Aaron de en zijn vrouw, Lina de Zakelijke edge.


Het idea what voor de productie van kleding the chique maar betaalbaar were. Toen hun dochter, Etti, s hair echtgenoot, Gabi Rotter, lid van de Castro onderneming, what tijdens het een economische crisis, family en de gaf ernstige thought aan het maken van Verlaten terwijl het een goed gaan what. maar ze had tweede imaginary s te besloten herstructureren met behulp van nieuwe strategieën.


Het resultaat is Ergens in de range van 180 Castro in Israël en opgeslagen in het buitenland. Het industry boards heeft vertakt om een collectie Herenkleding, met distinctive Castro Man en vrouw van Castro angle, en aan het begin van dit jaar lance earth hair line angle. Het concept van Castro omvat accessories, beautiful, mugs, belt, diffusers, caps, jewelry-de hele keet. Castro, vervolgens is geëvolueerd van een merknaam tot een levensstijl, en de over grote meerderheid van de Israeli's hebben minstens één Castro item in hun box .


Ran Rahav, which met zijn vrouw, Hila, een van Israël's vooraanstaande public relations bedrijven looping, hanteren heeft het van voor Castro's Publiciteit 22 años.


In Feite, en hij zijn vrouw zijn OpGen omen as co-host uitnodigingen op voor elke fashion show Castro en de voor de nieuwe herfst winter collectie what geen uitzondering.


Een van de secret van Rahav van succes is dat hij duizenden vrienden had long vóór het Tijdperk Van Facebook, en hij nodigt grote aantallen hen aan gebeurtenissen in zijn huis en in ruimer locations. Hij is naast zijn Zakelijke sue actief verbonden aan een aantal goede doelen , s nodigt immense veel van deze uit aan verschillende sue mega-evenementen zoals de Castro lente zomer en-herfst-winter fashion shows.


Aan het begin van deze week, de Rotters en de Rahavs were aan square heel vroeg op de Tel Aviv overeenkomst s Exhibition Center te ontmoeten, groeten s volumes met de 1000 genodigden the om de lance ring van de 2013-2014 Herfst Winter were gekomen collectie . uitnodiging what voor de 9:30 am, maar bijna iedereen wist dat de show zou niet voorsprong dead 11 Immer bijna rivet op tijd begint in Israel - vooral fashion shows.


Om wat voor talk veel van de uitgenodigde land he had ruim vóór 9:30.


Miss Chien omdat what het zien ze ze de Beroemdheden wild as kwam.


He had persoonlijkheden Toneel-s, heden models laughed eden s, fashion schrijvers laughed eden s heden, Rechters, advocaaten, bedrijfsleiders, architecten, socialites -. S vervolgens sommige He had ook bekende modeontwerpers, onder hen Dorin Frankfurt, Sasson Kedem, Raziela Gershon, Gideon s Karen Oberson, Yuval Caspin s natuurlijk, Leah Peretz Recanati, hoofd van de afdeling Shenkar College Fashion Design. Onder de bekende other persoonlijkheden were Liraz Charhi, Guy Pines, Zvika Pik, Ivri Lider en s hair make-up artiest Mickey Boganin en zijn moeder, Ada.


Soms is de kleding gedragen door genodigden less opvallend dan niet op de landingsbaan the en de extraatjes zijn voor uw komst vroeg in state-om te te lopen rond de receptie krijgen een goede close-up. Hoewel zwart is nog steeds aan en uit de dominant by Colour de catwalk (the zegt iets over de Huidige Jaar van de economie), he had textures ook een heleboel heldere inks en een grote verscheidenheid van.